Frequently Asked Questions


Are Quickmills made in Canada?

Yes. All of the parts are built from the ground up in our facility located in Peterborough, Ontario. Unlike many other manufacturers of CNC Machines, our machines are designed, engineered and built all under one roof. This allows us to continue to innovate state of the art milling machines and produce high quality work for our industrial customers.

What type of controls are used for Quickmill CNC Machines?

Quickmill is a Fanuc Authorized CNC Integrator. Fanuc is known for cutting edge CNC and motion control systems for a wide range of applications. Our in-house team works closely with Fanuc to tailor a control system for our CNC machines to ensure optimal reliability and attain the highest possible precision.

What is the service life of a Quickmill Milling Machine?

We have been building and innovating milling machines for more than thirty years. While some of those original milling machines have been retrofitted for today’s production needs, they are still in service today.

What is a Preventative Maintenance Program for a Quickmill 5-axis CNC machine?

We recommend that our mills are maintained annually. We have service technicians who can assist with PMs. As well, when you purchase a Quickmill, we offer training for operators as well as your maintenance team so they will be confident in using and maintaining the equipment.

Do you offer financing?

No. We can however refer you to machinery finance partners to assist with your milling machine financing needs.

Where is the model and serial number located on an old Quickmill?

Every Quickmill ships with a unique serial number indicated on the machine name plate which is located on the main electrical panel doors. Other details on this nameplate include the model number and power ratings of the machine.

Can I buy a used or rebuilt Quickmill milling machine?

We do not sell used CNC machines but we do become aware of used models that may be coming available for sale. If you would like a used Quickmill milling machine you can contact us.

Where can I get a parts guide for a Quickmill milling or drilling machine?

Our in-house customer service team can help you. They are open 24 hours a day and work in our Canadian headquarters. Learn more about our Service Program.

What makes Quickmill machines better quality?

From concept to design to building, installing and service our team are housed in our Canadian Headquarters. This approach allows our team to fully understand the process of building a Quickmill and as such, have a sense of pride in their work like no other machine tool builder. Our buyers source the best quality materials from our suppliers and we have an active apprenticeship program and are continually investing in our team to support their growth and development.
Quickmill is recognized as a Fanuc Authorized CNC Integrator. We are proud to work with Fanuc America to identify and implement best-in-class practices for CNC integration on our machines.


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