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Eliminator® HD

The NEW Eliminator® HD Machining Center

The ELIMINATOR HD Gantry machining center has been designed to meet one objective; machine the largest and toughest parts with ease. The new one-piece base design vastly reduces the machine’s footprint without compromising power or capability.

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Annihilator® HR

The NEW Annihilator® HR Machining Center

The Annihilator HR has elevated the Annihilator machining centers to new heights of power, precision, and versatility! The newly expanded Annihilator HR product line will increase efficiencies without compromising features, rigidity or floor space.

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The Annihilator® Gantry Machining Center

This is not your run of the mill machining center, this is the metal chewing, tough as nails Annihilator Gantry. The Annihilator was designed with one thought in mind: to deliver over-the-top performance to not just set you apart from your competitors. To ANNIHILATE them.

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The Eliminator® Gantry Machining Center

In the metal cutting industry time is at a premium; set-up and processing challenges can make or break you. You need a machine that is as committed to your deadlines as you are. The Eliminator minimizes time spent on set-up and breezes through even the biggest parts with time to spare.

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Eliminator® R

The Eliminator® R Rail Machining Center

Think big. Think really big. The Eliminator R is the ultimate machining center for large part production. With extreme rigidity, ample power and multiple automatic heads, the Eliminator R is the perfect solution to your big, awkward part processing needs.

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The Quickdrill® III Gantry Drilling Center

Three times the spindles equal three times the productivity. Quickmill is renowned for raising the bar in the heat transfer industry; with superior performance and faster production times being boasted by our customers for decades.

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The Intimidator Gantry Machining Center

Chances are if you’re talking about drilling, the Intimidator name will be part of the conversation.

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