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New Video - Annihilator Air Conditioner Tube Sheet Demo

New Video - Annihilator Air Conditioner Tube Sheet Demo

Check out the new Annihilator - Air Conditioner Tube Sheet Demo video on our YouTube channel, Quickmill100.



Watch as the Annihilator 96-96-30 processes an air conditioner tube sheet with 364 tube holes and 24 bolt holes at feed rates up to 60 inches per minute. With a hole to hole time of 2.8 seconds, the Annihilator is able to complete this entire tube sheet in only 45 minutes. This particular Annihilator is configured with a 50 horsepower (37kW) spindle, complete with a 4:1 2 speed gearbox for added torque. Whether it's in the air conditioner manufacturing industry or any industry where a high number of drilled holes are required, Quickmill's line of machining centers can significantly decrease your production time and alleviate any production bottlenecks.  



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