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Quickdrill III - Tubesheet Productivity Study

The Quickdrill III was designed to change how the heat transfer industry thinks about drilling holes; with three spindles drilling the majority of holes on a tube sheet, baffle or condenser plate, part production on a single machine will skyrocket, freeing up extra space and time on the shop floor. In order to understand just how much productivity increase could be expected from the Quickdrill III drilling center, we have come up with a tube sheet drilling study, comparing drilling times on a single spindle machine to the revolutionary Quickdrill III. Below you will find four separate studies, showing the productivity increases on 48", 60", 96" and 120" tube sheets. Not only will you see how much productivity increase you will see but also how many extra parts can be produced in a day, how many single spindle machines can be replaced with one Quickdrill III and the total time all three spindles on the Quickdrill III will be engaged on your parts (vs. double and single spindle engagement).