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Quickmill Annihilator shipped to the Forged Flange Industry

Quickmill Annihilator shipped to the Forged Flange Industry

Quickmill has added to its presence in the Forged Flange Industry with another machining center shipped to the southern USA. 

The Annihilator Gantry Machining Center is one of Quickmill's most versatile solutions for a wide variety of industries. Equipped with our high-speed axis drive system, rigid gantry design, powerful ram spindle and an assortment of options to suit your unique needs, the Annihilator is quickly becoming the machine of choice in job shops and production floors worldwide. 


The Annihilator Gantry 96-96-36 Machining Center 

Machine Model

Annihilator 96-96-36



Y-Axis Travel – 96” (2438mm)       
X-Axis Travel – 96” (2438mm)
Z-Axis Travel – 26” (660mm)       
Table Size  – 96”x96” (2438 x 2438mm)      
Z-Axis Gap - 36" (914mm)


● 35 HP 6,000 rpm Ram Spindle w/ 4:1 2 Speed Gearbox & Chiller

● Siemens 840D Control

● Gerardi Right Angle Head

​● Remote Diagnostics

● Dual Chip Conveyor System

● CAT 50 Taper
● 1,000 psi @ 15 GPM Through Tool Coolant
● Mist Collection Unit
● 1 Piece Base - No Foundation Required!



Contact Quickmill today for more information:

North America: 1-800-295-0509

Phone: +1-705-745-2961

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Watch the Annihilator Milling & Drilling Demo on our YouTube channel, Quickmill100




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