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Intimidator - The Drilling Heavyweight Champion

Intimidator - The Drilling Heavyweight Champion

You don't get to wear the Heavyweight Champion belt without getting into a few fights first. The Intimidator has spent its fair share of time in the ring duking it out with whatever you can throw at it. Tubesheets, plates, beams, flanges, blades, or anything else that needs a tonne of holes; if you're not drilling them on an Intimidator, you're not really drilling. Proven time and time again, the Intimidator will get you drilling faster than you can imagine. With a 75 hp direct-drive spindle, powerful Fanuc controls, 30" of Z-axis stroke, and a rigid gantry style construction, you'll be amazed at not only your productivity increases but also the Intimidators versatility and user-friendly operation. 



For more information on the Intimidator and Quickmill's full line of CNC Gantry and Bridge Style, vertical machining centers visit our Products page. With large machining envelopes, easy part set-up, and many customizable options, our milling and drilling lines of machine tools are ideal for a wide variety of industries including job shops, heat transfer, steel service centers, mold & die, offroad equipment manufacturing, power generation and many more.

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