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Product Spotlight - Annihilator B bridge machining centers

Product Spotlight - Annihilator B bridge machining centers

The Annihilator B bridge CNC machining centers feature a robust design, powerful geared spindles, 32 tools automatic tool changer, chip conveyor system, powerful Fanuc controls, and the dedicated service and support that you have come to expect from Quickmill.

Key Features

    Max. 3200mm (125.9") workpiece length (X-axis)
    Max. 2350mm (92.5") workpiece width (Y-axis)
    Max. 1050mm (41.3") gap
    Max Load Capacity 10,000 kg (22,046 lb)
    Rigid stepped cross beam construction allowing for heavy loads and axial motion stability
    Roller Ways on X and Y-axis
    Box Ways on Z-Axis for maximum stability while cutting
    Oversized Ballscrews on X and Y-axis
    Gear Drive Spindle for heavy cutting capabilities
    Rigid table with double-wall construction  
    Fanuc 0i MD controls
    32 tool automatic tool changer
    Z-Axis Hydraulic Counterbalance
    CAT50 Spindle Taper
    Chip Conveyor System


The Quickmill Annihilator B is available in a variety of table configurations and spindle options to meet any machining requirements.


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