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Custom Rail Machine for Boiler Industry

Building a custom rail style machine for our customers in South America was a challenge that Quickmill was more than ready for.  When our customer asked if we could design a custom rail machine that would be capable of drilling and milling their large boiler drums as well as other large parts that they produce, the only questions were how big and when would you like it. 

We worked with our customer to develop a full turnkey CNC drilling and milling machine for their operation which included a custom-designed concrete pit with coolant recovery systems, part rotation systems, a hydraulic pressure foot for part stabilization and custom fixtures to process boiler drums up to 3 meters in diameter and 15 meters in length. 

For more details on this machine and application, please contact Quickmill Inc. and we will be happy to discuss this application and work with you to implement a similar solution for your production requirements.