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EST Heat Exchanger

EST Heat Exchanger

Louisiana Heat Exchanger, LLC was founded in 1974 and is located in Baton Rouge LA, the companies main focus is repair and service of shell & tube heat exchangers for the local chemical and refining industry.  The company was purchased in 2002 by EST Group and continued to expand and add capabilities over the coming years.

In 2008 EST purchased their new QUICKDRILL 96 to drill holes and to machine ring and pass grooves for shell and tube heat exchangers. The machine was delivered in August of 2008 during the time when Hurricanes Gustav & Ike were battering the coast. The installation and training were a struggle for both Quickmill and EST but working together over the coming weeks the machine was successfully installed and operational. 

Allen Blythe the Operations Manager at EST with over 40 years of experience in the heat transfer industry commented that the company has seen a 65% reduction in machine-hours since the new QUICKDRILL installation. 


When we set out to look for a drilling machine, we knew that our competitors were using Quickmill Products and had been successful in doing so. QUICKMILL products are known for consistent quality, speed and accuracy in the heat transfer industry and the benefits for EST are not only the increase in productivity on the machine but the assembly of the final product on the shop floor. Certificate from Quickmill in which their tooling and applications department specified all the tooling for the machine for specific work we had to produce once the machine arrived. 

After the machine was installed their application specialist came down to train our staff on the proper use and cutting conditions of our production parts. This helped our operators to be up to speed as quickly as possible with the use of modern tooling. The training was so helpful that we are planning to get some additional training in the future so we are up to speed on the latest tooling developments. We are very pleased with the purchase of our new Quickdrill 96 as it has exceeded our expectations and we will consider Quickmill in our future expansion plans as well. 

Allen Blythe

Operations Manager

EST Heat Exchanger

A Business Unit of Curtis Wright Flow Control Company

Baton Rouge, LA