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Heat Exchanger Support Fixturing


More and more of our customers are looking for better ways to quickly support Heat Exchanger components on our Drilling Machines. In the past year, Quickmill has developed a complete setup and fixturing system for Tubesheets and Baffles plates used in the manufacturing of components in the Heat Transfer Industry.


In the past customers would use blocks, aluminum bars, plates, hydraulic jacks or any type of fixture that was inexpensive and relatively fast to set up on a Quickmill machine for drilling.

 Our new QUICKSUPPORT system uses 1” precision length tubes that are positioned on the table in a grid pattern that allows the Tube sheet or Baffle stack of plates to be supported over the entire surface for maximum rigidity. The drilling process allows the part to be drilled with the latest carbide tooling available. The maximum tool life is assured with this method!

The tube system also dampens vibration and eliminates and drill squeal or howl that you may be experiencing from certain geometries of tools when other support systems are used. The softer material of the QUICKSUPPORT tubes can absorb vibrations in the part. 

The QUICKSUPPORT system is sold in kits for all Quickmill machines and can be purchased from our Tooling and Applications department. The aluminum tubes are a consumable item and purchased in bulk from Quickmill.


If you look at the cost of tooling, set up and other consumables you are using now vs. the QUICKSUPPORT system you will see the cost-benefit from this proven technology.