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Tracking your Carbide Conquests

A little black book to scribble down test notes will no longer cut it in the world of carbide drilling. Due to the advances in drilling technology and the investment companies are making in carbide tooling. keeping a detailed and accurate log sheet is the best way to save time and increase drilling capacity.

Working with customers over the past 10 years, I have found that keeping a simple log sheet is essential. I recommend using a set-up sheet to record information when running a specific job. As a result, you will have details on drilling conditions and each job`s outcome.

Over time, using this log sheet and having the discipline to collect the data on the shop floor will create success in drilling at the lowest possible cost. It will also keep your drilling profitable on repeat and one-off specials with similar tooling and materials.

To get a copy of the set-up sheets and tracking forms call Quickmill at 1-800-295-0509.

(As seen in the 2001 Fall Quickmill Communicator issue)