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July 19, 2007

"In the past, drilling stacked plates with carbide tooling was not very efficient due to the fact that mill run sheets of plate from 1/4'' to 3/4'' in thickness are not perfectly flat. This creates air gaps between the stacked plates causing the shavings to embed themselves into these gaps, making it difficult for the carbide tooling and the high-pressure coolant system to clear the drilled holes.

This isn't an issue with the QUICKSQUEEZE product because it pulls the plates together almost like a solid tube sheet.

With the engineered design of the inserts, the process of inserting and removing them takes little time from production. It actually saves me 35 minuter per stack!

With the inserts in place, the stack has very little, if any, air gaps. This gives the high-pressure coolant better results for chip evacuation and higher speed and feed rates can be maintained as if drilling solid plate.

Without the inserts, drilling pressures on the plates cause the air gaps to become larger, creating more problems for the high speed required for carbide tooling.

Lower tooling costs are achieved by getting more linear inches from the inserts and less chance of drill bodies wearing or malfunctioning.

In our experience, the QUICKSQUEEZE inserts have drastically improved our drilling production time and lowered our consumable costs as well as improving our capacity to drill stacked plates faster and more accurately than other conventional methods used in the past. Our tool life has increased by an impressive 30 percent!"