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A Good Home Starts With A Good Foundation

As you see the era of tooling changing so fast, it becomes more and more important to take the extra care and time in the setup in order to be successful during drilling operations.

Supporting your work is like building a house, you must have a good foundation to start.

When setting parts on the table of your machine make sure you put the maximum support you can. When you drill with carbide tools, the tip pressure is enormous and even a 3/4'' drill can make a plate vibrate thus causing tool failure.

New tooling brought out recently for .758 tube hole run speeds up to 3500 rpm and 60 inches per minute in carbon steel.

During testing of these drills, we found the speed and feed could be increased by 30% just by supporting the work more.

When you check out the cost of a drill of the high caliber the price may seem high but when you hit the sweet spot of performance the cost per hole drops dramatically.