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Avoid Disaster - Monitor Your Coolant Daily

We all know that the type of drilling tool can make or break your profit margin on a drilling job.

As important as tooling is, looking after your coolant on a daily basis is just as critical to get maximum tool-life and production.

There are many different coolants on the market today. Just make sure you use a good quality product and purchase a refractometer as well.

During our training sessions with machine operators, we stress the importance of proper mixing of the coolant and testing it daily with a refractometer.

This will ensure that you have the proper mixture for the tool - not too lean and not too rich. Quickmill has found in tests with in-house machines and customers that a little richer mixture improves tool-life and helps chips evacuate from deeper holes.

So tomorrow, before you start your next shift, check your coolant. It may well save you time and money!

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