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QUICKSQUEEZE Baffle Drilling System (2)

QUICKSQUEEZE Baffle Drilling System (2)

July 18, 2007

This is great news for the heat exchanger industry. David Piggott, the Vice President and Technical Director at Quickmill, has had a dream over the past few years to develop a simple, cost-effective product to successfully drill stacked baffle plates quickly with carbide tooling.

Working with one of our oldest customers, David set out on a mission to develop, test and bring to market QUICKSQUEEZE.

Here's how it works:                                                                

In the picture, you will see one of the Quicksqueeze inserts developed for 3/4'' and 1'' nominal size baffle holes. The Quicksqueeze product is very simple and similar to an expanding drywall plug used for mounting hardware, pictures, or electrical boxes to a wall.

The Quicksqueeze Process:

The machine operator mounts his set of baffles on the bed of his machine and spot drills the entire sheet. Spot drilling is needed if you are penetrating the material more than 5 times the drill diameter, as recommended by tooling manufacturers.

The operator changes the tool to the longer bodied drill and drills one hole around the center area of the stacked plates. He then stops the machine and inserts one Quicksqueeze unit and tightens the bolt with the air gun provided in the Quicksqueeze kit. This holds the plates together around the center to prevent bulging during the next process.

The operator then finish-drills the plate in a specified pattern for that particular stack size. After this process is complete, he adds the remainder of the Quicksqueeze units with the air gun to compress the entire stack.

Now the stack of baffles is ready for the remainder of the holes to be drilled in the baffles. When complete, the stack is unbolted and removed from the machine and the next job is set up on the machine.

"Simple, fast, efficient. Your baffle stack is processed like a tube sheet."