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Quickmill is pleased to offer a complete selection of CNC Vertical Machining Centers in both Bridge and Gantry designs. From our entry priced products to our turnkey custom solutions, the Quickmill name is synonymous with performance, flexibility and value.

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The NEW Eliminator HD Machining Center

The ELIMINATOR HD Gantry machining center has been designed to meet one objective; machine the largest and toughest parts with ease. The new one piece base design vastly reduces the machine’s footprint without compromising power or capability.

With numerous configurations available, the ELIMINATOR HD can meet virtually any machining requirement. With its powerful and versatile spindle options, multiple table size configurations and variety of automatic head options, the ELIMINATOR HD is the machine of choice when you need performance, and lots of it.

Don’t just meet your deadlines, ELIMINATE them! 

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Annihilator HR
The NEW Annihilator HR Machining Center

The Annihilator HR has elevated the Annihilator machining centers to new heights of power, precision, and versatility! The newly expanded Annihilator HR product line will increase efficiencies without compromising features, rigidity or floor space.The Annihilator HR Gantry Machining Center is designed with a larger machining envelope, longer spindle stroke and 5 face machining capabilities. The Annihilator HR is ideal for many different industries and products ranging from glass and granite to steel and aluminum!

The Annihilator HR delivers on all fronts, be it throughput, ease of part setup, cutting performance, or return on floor space utilization. With the release of the Annihilator HR series, we take the next step forward in machining!




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The Annihilator Gantry Machining Center

This is not your run of the mill machining center, this is the metal chewing, tough as nails Annihilator Gantry. The Annihilator was designed with one thought in mind: to deliver over-the-top performance to not just set you apart from your competitors. To ANNIHILATE them. With the speed and precision of a fighter jet and the power and strength of a freight train, the Annihilator can handle anything you throw at it. The rigid gantry design combined with our high speed axis drive system allows for faster processing times, allowing you to process your parts with ease. The Annihilator is not for those who are content with ‘good enough’, it’s for those who understand the true value of performance; for those who want the job done right.



Bridge Machines

The Eliminator Gantry Machining Center
In the metal cutting industry time is at a premium; set-up and processing challenges can make or break you. You need a machine that is as committed to your deadlines as you are. The Eliminator minimizes time spent on set-up and breezes through even the biggest parts with time to spare. Built with one idea in mind: to not just machine the largest and toughest parts your industry demands but machine them with ease. With numerous configurations available, the Eliminator can meet virtually any machining requirement. With its powerful and versatile spindle options, multiple table size configurations and variety of automated options available, the Eliminator is the machine of choice when you need performance, and lots of it. Don’t just meet your deadlines, ELIMINATE them.



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The Quickdrill III Gantry Drilling Center

Three times the spindles equals three times the productivity. Quickmill is renowned for raising the bar in the heat transfer industry; with superior performance and faster production times being boasted by our customers for decades. Now it’s time to raise the bar again. Introducing the Quickdrill III, the triple spindle drilling machine that is revolutionizing the heat transfer industry.
With the ability to finish parts three times faster than the competition, the Quickdrill III will eliminate all drilling bottlenecks and drastically decrease your finished product completion time. The standard triple spindle, Quickcode III processing software, high pressure coolant system and rigid gantry design all add up to a game changing machine that will significantly set you apart from your competition.


Intimidator Machining Center



The Intimidator Gantry Machining Center

Chances are if you’re talking about drilling, the Intimidator name will be part of the conversation. For the last 10 years the Intimidator has become the benchmark in drilling performance, with customers all over the world boasting faster production times, higher efficiencies and more workload capabilities. To put it simply, the Intimidator is a metal hungry drilling powerhouse.
Whether you’re producing plates, beams, tubes, blades or anything else that needs a ton of holes, the Intimidator has been the machine of choice for years. With a 75 hp (56 kW) direct drive spindle, powerful Fanuc controls, 30” (762 mm) Z axis stroke, and rigid gantry style construction, you’ll be amazed at your productivity increases.


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