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Quickmill Communicator July 2011



Quickmill’s Tubesheet & Baffle Stack Drilling System is an option available for all of Quickmill’s Gantry Machining Centers.  This system includes Quickmill’s Patent Pending Hydraulic Pressure Foot, Patent Pending Aluminum Support Pins, Custom Part Holding Fixtures and Quickmill’s Tooling and Applications Support for tooling selection.


The hydraulic pressure foot is added to one of our standard Gantry Machining Centers. The foot moves up & down on the part every cycle before the drilling starts. The foot pushes down and stabilizes the drilling area and the part during the drill cycle. This allows the gap between the plates to be virtually eliminated during the drilling process and to ensure maximum part rigidity with a quick setup.

The other most important part of the processing system is the Support Pin Fixture (Pat Pending), designed specifically to fit on any Quickmill machine for maximum part support and rigidity during the drilling process. With the entire Tubesheet & Baffle Stack Drilling System in place and with proper tooling recommended by Quickmill, the processing of large condenser, tube sheet & baffle plates can now be processed with the latest carbide tooling in the most efficient and cost effective way on the market today.

Click here to see the Tubesheet & Baffle Stack Drilling System in action. You will see how easy it is to drill stacked plates with this system and how quickly you will be able to drill stacked plates.

This system allows Quickmill machine users to increase production efficiencies by stacking multiple large, thin plates while maintaining hole accuracies.  For more information on how this system can benefit your company, please contact Quickmills Sales Department at 1-800-295-0509 or +1-705-745-2961 for more information.



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