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Quickmill Celebrates the completion of the 100th INTIMIDATOR!

Local World-Class Manufacturer of Precision Machining Centers Reaches Milestone 100th Machine!

100th Intimidator

Quickmill Inc, hailed as a "game-changer" within the heavy-duty heat exchanger industry worldwide, today marked a company milestone with the roll-out of the 100th INTIMIDATOR machining center.

Quickmill president and CEO Jeff Driscoll hosted a special celebration at the company's Rye Street head office and production facility Monday to recognize the 30+ strong Quickmill team of engineers and highly-skilled technicians who produce the company's complex and high-value precision-engineered machining centers for its global market.

"This is a proud moment for the Quickmill team, both past and present." said Driscoll.  "This milestone is a testament to the engineering and quality of our companies machining centers".

The company had its origins in Peterborough years ago as the brainchild of a local engineer/inventor working our of a small machine shop on Rye Street, who identified a need for a CNC vertical drilling machine, found a way to solve it and in doing so launched a highly refined and precision-engineered group of machining centers now sold around the world.

Prakash Naganath, Quickmill sales director, noted that while the company has a global footprint, its 100th INTIMIDATOR was sold to an expanding Canadian company that is adding a fourth Quickmill machine to its manufacturing process.

"This is a testament to our customer's confidence in the INTIMIDATOR product and the Quickmill team in general" he said.

Quickmill's origin began in 1984 when founder David Piggot, inspired by a need for innovation in his small machine shop, designed and manufactured a heavy-duty large table gantry drilling machine, now trademarked the INTIMIDATOR.

The machine, or machining center, had applications for large heat exchanger manufacturers where millions of holes were drilled on manual radial arm drills. 

Driscoll noted that Quickmill also sells the drilling machine (Valued at between $500,000 and $750,000 each) into other industry sectors including oil and gas, structural steel service centers, and bridge builders.

The company also services its machining centers with start-to-finish installation, training and after-sales service support.  Its skilled service staff are continually on-the-go completing site installations, after sale service, trouble shooting, problem solving and training customers in industrial centers around the globe.

Quickmill hired two new field service technicians in the past year to expand its service staff to 12.

Full Newspaper Article can be found here.

The Intimidator 120-120-24 Machining Center 

Group shot

Machine Model

Intimidator 120-120-24


Y Axis Travel – 120” (3048mm)      

X Axis Travel – 125.5” (3187m)

Z Axis Travel – 30” (762mm)      

Table Size  – 142”x162” (3607 x 4115mm)     

Gap - 24" (610mm)


  •  75 HP 4,000 rpm Direct Drive Spindle
  •  Fanuc 0i-MF Control
  •  Custom Drilling Macros
  •  Renishaw Probe
  •  CAT 50 Taper
  •  1,000 psi @ 15 gpm Through Tool Coolant
  •  Mist Collection Unit
  •  1 Piece Base - No Foundation Required!


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